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To properly run ROM Editor, it is suggested to have Windows 10 installed, and to have a computer with 8 or more GB of RAM.




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We have several Frequently Asked Questions answered here, take a look if you have any questions.

How do I get my ECU back to 100% Stock?

Before going back to stock, contact UpRev Support. We now need 2 screenshots to return your license. These screenshots prove you had the license and removed it that way we can return it. They need to be of Rom Editor open in full screen mode, the time and date stamp in the bottom right of the computer needs to be visible, and you need to use either the 'Screen Capture' button in ROM Editor, or the Windows Snip-It Tool to take the screenshot - NOT a cell phone pic. The first screenshot will be of the ROM Editor showing that the car is an UpRev Flashed ECU and will need to show the ECU part number, the cable serial number, and the date/time in the bottom right corner. You can then use the UpRev cable to flash the "Back to Stock" ROM for your ECU. After doing so, take a second screenshot to show the car is stock with the ECU part number showing, the cable serial number showing, and the date/time in the bottom right corner. You will then create a license report by going into ROM Editor, clicking 'Cable Management', and then clicking 'License Report'. Save the file to an easily accessible location, and then send an email to license@uprev.com with subject line "Back to Stock Request". Attach to that email the 2 screenshots and the license report, and we will get back with you promptly. *** YOU HAVE 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO EMAIL A BACK TO STOCK REQUEST TO license@uprev.com AND RECEIVE BACK YOUR LICENSE. ANY REQUESTS PAST 10 BUSINESS DAYS FROM GOING BACK TO STOCK WILL NOT BE GRANTED. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR RETURNED LICENSE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING IT. LICENSE REPORTS CAN BECOME OUTDATED IF NOT USED. ***

My ROM is outdated. How do I copy over my old tune to a new tune file?

What if I have a non-core vehicle and I want a tune, can my vehicle still be supported?

I have a License Error Code 0x07 when trying to upload my License Report, what do I do?

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How many times can I flash my vehicle?

What parameters should be logged for AFR eTuning?

Will my local Nissan/Infiniti service department know that my ECU has been modified?

Can UpRev Tuning Suite datalog AFR on my 2003-2004 350z or G35?

I only want to change my idle RPM, Speed Limit and Rev Limits, is there a discount?

Will a factory software update erase my UpRev reflash?

I bought a ROM Editor system from another user, can I use it on my car?

Can UpRev Tuning Suite set a desired AFR? For example, I'm running a little lean, can you guys fix that with a tune?

What about those of us who don't have cruise control? Is there any other way to get multiple maps?

How many maps can my ECU hold?

Will the ECU learn around the reflash like other engine management options?

How long does it take to reflash my ECU?

Can I modify my own maps and do my own tuning?

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Where do I get my ECU part number?

Can UpRev Tuning Suite be used to rescale fuel injectors and MAF sensors?

How does Simplified Timing work and how do I tune this table?