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The adjustable parameters for the new feature are: - Launch control enable. - Launch RPM fuel cut & restore. (Adjustable with cruise switches.) - Launch AFR target. - Launch ignition target. - Launch throttle position min. (So it only activates at WOT.) - Launch min speed. (So it deactivates over a set speed. ) - Engine Temp. Min/Max setting. This feature, won't allow the activation of 2-Step, if the engine is bellow or above, set limits. If you purchased UpRev Standard or UpRev Tuner from our web-store (or second hand), we can add the 2-Step Feature to your current tune.

You will need to email license@uprev.com with your Order# in the subject field. This is currently only available for the 370Z and the G37 manual transmission models, and VQ35RevUp 350Z/G35. Include your ECU part number (23710-?????) and/or copy of your ROM file in the email to etune@uprev.com

The UpRev ARC(Advanced Racing Controls) License will enable 2-Step(MT), Flatfoot Shifting(MT), Rolling Anti-lag(AT,MT) and Burn-out Mod(MT,AT). ARC support is currently available for 2003 and up 350Z, G35, 370Z, and G37.

The wait is over! 2-Step Launch Control, Flat-foot Shifting, and Rolling Anti-lag will be available for download on Monday, September 12 with the release of the new ARC License. There are a few things you will need to know to activate and adjust the settings of the ARC features. 

Each ARC feature will have a toggle that you can turn ON and OFF in the ROM Editor, these will become visible only once you have obtained one of new ARC License. 2-Step Launch Control and Flat-foot Shifting are exclusively for manual transmissions, but the Rolling Anti-lag will work even for the automatics. Below is a description of each feature and how to make fine adjustments to them.

Before you activate the ARC features, be sure to update your software and download a fresh ROM file for yourself as the patches have been modified quite a bit. 

Once you've updated your software and downloaded a new ROM file, open up the ROM Editor. Upon opening any 350Z, G35, 370Z, or G37 ROM from 2003 to 2017, you will see the following new tabs appear: ARC Launch Control. ARC Flat-foot Shifting, and ARC Rolling Anti-lag. Once you obtain an ARC License you will also see the tab labeled ARC Toggles; this will be where you will choose which features you would like to turn ON or OFF. 

Each feature is governed by a minimum and maximum oil temperature, which means that the features won't activate until your oil temperature gets into this range. You will be able to adjust the minimum and maximum to your liking. The base ROM will come with default temps of 120 F and 250 F, so for the features to work, your oil temp must be within that range.


ARC 2-Step Launch Control - This feature makes it possible to have more controlled launches and for building boost off the line. You must be in first gear with the clutch engaged to activate 2-Step Launch Control. In the ROM Editor you can set your Launch RPM, this can also be adjusted on the fly using the cruise toggle on the steering wheel, the base ROM is set to 3200 RPM. In the Editor, you can also adjust the minimum throttle voltage required to activate 2-Step Launch Control, the base ROM is set to 3.8 Volts, which is fairly close to WOT - in order for the feature to activate the throttle voltage must be greater than what you have set. You will also see the setting Launch Vehicle Speed; the speed you choose here will be the vehicle speed that the 2-Step will disengage and the rev limiter will return to whatever you have set in the current map under Rev &Speed Limits. You will be able to set your timing target, which will take affect while 2-Step is active, the base ROM is set to -10 degrees BTDC. Lastly, you can adjust the Launch Fuel Compensation, this value is on the same scale as those found in your main Fuel Compensation map under the Fuel tab.


ARC Flat-foot Shifting - This feature makes it possible to continue holding the accelerator pedal while shifting with the clutch engaged. A temporary Rev limit will be set at (current engine + RPM jump). The RPM jump is adjustable in the Flat-foot Shifting settings, we have it set to 50 RPM in the base ROM. This feature allows for faster shifting, an extra jolt of power upon entering the next gear, and with full control of fuel and timing you can hold boost during shifts. The clutch must be engaged for Flat-foot Shifting to activate. The first setting under this tab is the Flat-foot Throttle Activation, we have it set to 3.00 Volts (roughly 3/4 throttle) in the base ROM, so that Flat-foot shifting only activates if the throttle voltage is at least 3.00 Volts. You can adjust this to your liking as well.  The Flat-foot Speed Activation is the minimum vehicle speed needed to activate Flat-foot Shifting, the base ROM is set to 18 MPH, which means Flat-foot Shifting will only activate if the vehicle speed is over 18 MPH. You will also see Flat-foot Minimum RPM, this is so that you can govern the minimum RPM which Flat-foot Shifting can engage, the base ROM is set to 3000 RPM, thus the feature can only be activated if your engine speed is at least 3000 RPM - this is adjustable as well.


ARC Rolling Anti-lag - Unlike 2-Step and Flatfoot Shifting you don't need to use the clutch pedal for this feature. This feature makes it possible for more controlled rolling launches and building boost for roll racing. Like 2-Step and Flat-foot Shifting, this feature also gives you full control of fuel and timing. In the ROM Editor under the ARC Rolling Anti-lag tab, you will see Rolling Anti-lag Vehicle Speed Activation, this is the speed you must reach in order for this feature to activate, the base ROM comes set with 18 MPH, which means you must be over 18 MPH to use this feature. You will also see Rolling Anti-lag Minimum RPM, this is so that you may govern the minimum RPM which Rolling Anti-lag can engage, the base ROM is set to 3000 RPM, thus the feature can only be activated if your engine speed is at least 3000 RPM - this is adjustable as well. Lastly and most importantly, in order to activate Rolling Anti-lag you must meet the minimum throttle activation requirement, the base ROM comes set to 2.00 Volts, which means you must be about 1/2 throttle for the feature to activate - you may adjust this value as well. To activate Rolling Anti-lag be sure all the above requirements are met, then hold down the Cancel cruise button once you get to the desired vehicle speed for your roll, release the Cancel button when you want to go.


MT=Manual Transmission

AT=Automatic Transmission 


If your ECU is flashed by UpRev or you did your own tuning, you will need to UPDATE ROM Editor then run a License Report (instructions in user guide pg.12) and email the report to license@uprev.com

Place your Order Number in the Subject Field when you email your License Report. 

If your ECU is flashed by an UpRev Dealer, you will purchase your ARC License from them.

No Returns/Refunds on Licenses as they are a virtual product.  

** UpRev ARC License credits are not automated. **

***Vehicle must have factory Cruise Control Or have all factory componets added for features

to work***

They are processed manually Mon-Fri 10am-5pm CST. If you did not purchase license credits during business hours, the license refill will be added THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.
Any licenses purchased on weekends or holidays will be processed next business day.


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